The network with the best protection for your data

Phantom Wireless offers 3 price tiers for different levels of protection. 

Level 1: Your text messages and calls are protected.

Level 2: Your internet data is protected by Phantom's VPN.

Level 3: Your geographic location data is completely scrambled.

Each tier level includes unlimited texts, calls, and data.

Level 1


Texts/Calls Protected

Level 2


Internet Data Protected

Level 3


Location Data Protected

Switching only takes 5 simple steps:

Whether you use a phone you already own*, or you purchase a new phone directly from Phantom, making the switch to Phantom is easy. Scroll down to see how.

*Cell phone must be unlocked from previous carrier (not under contract) in order to be used with Phantom.

TealAsset 22@2x.png

Insert the Phantom SIM card into your device, and turn the device on.


Connect your device to a WiFi Network.


Download the Phantom Wireless App from the App Store/Google Play Store onto your device.


This app activates your services and contains your Phantom account settings.


Open the Phantom app, and press “Activate Account”. 


Follow the short list of directions which includes entering the “access code” which was sent with your Phantom Purchase Confirmation Email.


Having trouble? Contact customer support by emailing for help with getting a new access code.


Once the App says the process is complete, that's it. You are now protected by Phantom. You can now make phone calls, send text messages, and surf the web with your device in peace. 

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About Us

Phantom Wireless is a new telecommunications service provider.  The Phantom Wireless network provides data security features that other providers do not offer. 


Phantom makes your texts, calls, internet usage, and device location untraceable.*


Want to protect yourself from spies and hackers? Phantom is your solution. 

*security features dependent upon subscription tier chosen.